Our Services

As Ünal Law Office, we give consultancy and attorneyship services to our clients related to conflicts in the fields stated below:
In the area of family law, contested and uncontested divorce suits, conflicts arose from betrothal, custody and alimony cases, preparation of protocols subjected paternity, adoption, family residence, sharing claim, recognition and enforcement, executing lawsuit process and implementation of sentences through compulsory execution.
In Banking and Finance field, consultancy and problem solving services to banks, finance companies, factoring companies and asset management companies.
In Execution and Bankruptcy Law field, determination of movable and real property belonging to debtor and rights and claims of debtor in hands of third persons and then preparation of execution proceeding to recover the debt, actions for objection to the debt and signature, actions for withdrawal of appeal and annulment of objection, actions for recovery, criminal suits arising from Execution and Bankruptcy Law.
In the fields of Administrative Law and Tax Law, filing administrative applications to the relevant authorities, annulment of unlawful processes and full remedy actions resulted from the responsibility of administration, actions related to tax conflicts as tax due, payment orders without merit, unlawful attachment proceedings, tax loss and irregularity fines.
In the field of Labour Law, preparation of service contracts regulates the relationship between employer and employee, notification of termination to terminate service contract, reemployment lawsuits and actions for unpaid wages, determination of service period, actions for material compensation and libel suits resulting from occupational accidents and diseases.
Preparation and implementation of arbitration agreements for the conflicts for which arbitration can be applied and execution of arbitration.
In Compensation Law field, conciliation bearings and bringing the necessary actions to recover the loss in the financial and moral integrities of real and legal persons resulted from several reasons, compensation for being destitute of support, actions for compensation resulting from Insurance Law and Highway Traffic Law.
In the field of Commercial Law, company law, law of commercial papers, conducting consultancy and attorneyship services related to the conflicts resulted from Capital Market Law, lawsuits related to prevention of unfair competition, partnership agreements, lawsuits related to he conflicts on brand, patent, industrial design and utility model.
In Consumer Law field, enabling coming to agreement through protocols to be signed between consumer and seller in the conflicts in scope of the Consumer Protection Law, making necessary applications and carrying out the lawsuit process the at Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems and Consumer Courts, lawsuits resulted from defective goods and services.
Preparation of contracts answering to the needs of the parties in scope of the altered and current regulations on the subjects specified by the demands of our clients related to Law of Contracts, legal audit of the contracts prepared by the parties, informing the client on the possible future conflicts and contract negotiations.