About Us

Ünal Law Office was founded in 1966 in Ankara by Atty. Vehbi ÜNAL who was the legal counsellor of Türk-iş, Metal-iş and Şeker-iş Unions and specialised in union law and occupational illness. Following retirement of Atty. Vehbi ÜNAL in 1997, Atty. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kürşat ÜNAL headed the office. After Atty. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kürşat ÜNAL who is son of our founder Vehbi ÜNAL and Head of Commercial Law Department Private Law Subdivision of Gazi University Faculty of Law, Att. Alper Tunga ÜNAL took his place since 2004. Atty. Prof. Atty. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kürşat ÜNAL is retired from his academic work in Gazi University in 2011. Atty. Prof. Atty. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kürşat ÜNAL has written and published books and articles in the fields of Commercial Law and Capital Market. Currently he supports the Ünal Law Office juridical by advising and counsiling.

From its foundation, our Law Office has been performing litigation, preparing contract and legal advice services to real and legal persons mainly in civil law field by several attorneys employed by us who are specialized in several fields. As Ünal Law Office based on secrecy and commitment principles at services we offer to our clients, we aim not just to provide solutions to current conflicts, but also to give any kind of law support for avoiding possible future conflicts to our clients.

Our Office is specialized in the fields of Labour Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Capital Market Law, Bank and Finance Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Condemnation Law, Brand and Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law, Contract Law, Insurance Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Law and Civil Law.

In the structure of our office which has young personnel  specialized in  these fields and who have the abilities of analytical and practical thinking and interpreting, successful at human relations and pursue any evolvement and improvement in law, there are 6 attorneys, 2 law apprentices and 4 supporting personnel. Our staffs are Att. Vehbi ÜNAL, Att. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Kürşat ÜNAL, Att. Alper Tunga ÜNAL, Att. Adem Uğur KIZILDERE, Att. Koray AKTOLGA, Att. Ayça TEMUÇİN.